Who we are and how we work:

Our clinic consist of knowledgeable Family Practice and Urgent Care doctors who are certified to advise marijuana as required through regulations provided by  Constitution. We make sure which you are receiving less costly & efficient scientific critiques with any of our accountable providers. Our purpose is to growth the first-class of existence for our sufferers with the aid of offering a low value, focused, and non-intrusive integrative remedy alternative.  As a part of our venture, we attempt to function our commercial enterprise with companies that recognize patient privatives, and no affected person health information is shared with a third celebration. We are proud to be leading provider of Natural Cannabis recommendations. We’ve helped countless patients who find relief from their ailments and illnesses. Schedule a consultation today to see how we can help you next.
Since our beginning people can obtain a medical recommendation for treatment of certain qualifying conditions. Our board-certified physicians will evaluate you to determine if you may benefit from a medical card. Once you’ve received your recommendation, our helpful staff will assist you with every step of the registration process, from registering with the Department of Health to locating the nearest Natural Cannabis Marijuana treatment center in your area.
We take into account that the scientific system can be intimidating for lots sufferers and could-be patients to navigate, so we are able to be with you every step of the way for your journey to find relief.  Our board-certified physicians and expert body of workers make it as easy as viable so that it will get your Medical Marijuana Card, with a view to come up with the privilege to shop for safe and legal remedy everywhere.
We need to empower everybody to achieve higher health and health with medicinal Cannabis.
For lots of our sufferers, this could be the first time they have got even mentioned the usage of medicinal hashish. We stroll every step of the adventure with you from consulting, providing you with suitable merchandise, following up, keeping in everyday contact, and sharing tales.
We have consulted with lots of peoples from kids to palliative care patients. Our team consists of pleasant and skilled docs, nurses, and management team of workers to make sure you get the excellent care feasible on the maximum low priced rate.
All our personnel are registered with the Medical Council and we are the professionals in medicinal Cannabis and searching ahead to having the ability that will help you to your journey to a higher existence.
Natural Cannabis Clinic is a primary care health facility specializing inside the accountable use of scientific marijuana. Our country certified physicians have spent their careers studying and knowledge the blessings of clinical cannabis to provide the highest degree of care to our patients. We started out our sanatorium due to the fact we had been uninterested in all the confusion and purple tape surrounding the legalization of clinical marijuana. We desired to create a secure environment in which patients could benefit get entry to and be educated at the blessings of medical cannabis.
Here at Natural Cannabis Clinic, we are devoted to improving sufferers to get admission to medical marijuana via imparting sincere, informed and compassionate care. We provide clinical marijuana recommendations in a secure, discrete and quite simply located office.

Natural Cannabis Clinic makes it easier for you.


Provide some basic medical history and book an appointment with a licensed marijuana doctor. The $199 fee includes your consultation fee, physician copay, and the medical evaluation for your recommendation.


Consult with a marijuana physician who will evaluate your ailments and answer any questions you have about medical marijuana treatment. This can be either online through video or in person depending on where you live.


If you are approved for medical marijuana, you’ll receive your recommendation. Depending on your state, you will either be granted immediate access to dispensaries or wait to receive your card in the mail.